We are a swiss-based company composed of sorcerers, artists and engineers that are working hand-in-hand to create challenging, immersive and well hand-crafted video games.
But as an image worth thousand words, feel free to check out the video above to discover our team! 
Towaga - iOS & Google Play (250'000+ DL) 
The Firm - iOS & Google Play (1,4 million+ DL) 
Anshar Wars 2 - Oculus Rift & Gear VR (Top-seller Oculus store)
Anshar Online - Oculus Go, Rift, Gear VR (Top-seller Oculus store)
A Swiss video game studio hits the mark - 20 minutes
A game to slip into the shoes of a trader - Le Figaro
Swiss Startups Delving Into Virtual Reality - Tech Crunch
The Firm, a game from Lausanne that hits the charts - 24 Heures
Rollingstones article about Swiss Games - Rolling Stones Magazine

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